Universal Orlando's New Nighttime Show Construction Making Quick Pace


Universal Studios Florida New Night Show Plans Show Large Feature Barge and Tiered Viewing Area

Universal Studios new nighttime show could be closer than we think as work is in full force around the lagoon area. A new three-tiered viewing section is also mentioned in the plans, as well as a barge with over 100 fountains.
Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018 Plans
The plans for the large feature barge situated in the south side of the lagoon located within Universal Studios. (c)Universal Orlando
Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018
A wider plan view shows the location better. Mel's Drive In can be seen at the top right of the plan with Transformers to the immediate right of the waterway. (c)Universal Orlando
The new nighttime spectacular's barge features over 100 water jets for multiple effects. Fog machines as well as an underwater catwalk are also in the plans.
Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018 Map
The new viewing area will affect the outlined area in red. The lagoon show seems to be more contained than past shows at Universal. In this old photo you can see 2 of the previous screens that were used for the forementioned Nighttime Spectacular show. (c)Google Maps
Artwork Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018
Sectional view of the new tiered area. (c)Universal Orlando
Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018 Plans
Audio components hidden within the viewing areas. (c)Universal Orlando
Universal New Night Time Spectacular 2018
A closer look at the new viewing area plans. Trees in the area should provide some nice shade for a place to relax on hot summer days. (c)Universal Orlando
At the moment, rumours believe the show may tie into more than just "Universal Pictures" titles, with a Harry Potter score being mentioned as a possibility. Currently, Harry Potter land in Islands of Adventure has its own nighttime projection show. At Nighttime Lights at Hogwart's Castle, "you'll see the spirit of each house wrap itself around the castle. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff will all be represented, each house showcasing its pride in its own unique way." -Denelle Ricci, Universal Parks Blog.

These recent construction images below can be found on the bioreconstruct twitter page. More images can also be found by following that link. With progress moving so quickly, will we see this open in time for the holidays, or will it be an early next summer project?

Work is moving quickly at Universal! In this image the water is lowered about 30 inches according to the author. (c)bioreconstruct on twitter Apr 24.
From the opposite direction. (c)bioreconstruct on twitter Apr 24.
What do you think of the idea of the new seating area? Could these mean they are planning a show with a longer run than their previously short-run night shows?

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  1. Was never a fan of previous shows. Too 'cheap' feeling. Hope this changes.


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