Cobra is finally coming down at La Ronde


La Ronde's Cobra Coaster is Officially Being Dismantled.

After years of sitting on its nice plot (of now inevitable weeds) over green grass, the head-ache inducing Cobra is being removed from La Ronde, leaving a nice plot of land open next to one of the many other empty buildings at La Ronde.
La Ronde Cobra, being removed 2018
What's next for La Ronde on the coaster front, a relocation? A new custom coaster? Or possibly a dark ride? Who knows, but after 5+ years of the coaster rarely being seen open, and finally being removed from the park's website in late 2016, many coaster fans have been speculating. The coaster was one of only two Intamin Stand-Up coasters left operating in the World. 
Cobra as seen from Google Maps. Two seasonal-use buildings can be seen near the coaster. May this area see new life? 
La Ronde Cobra, being removed 2018
Picture from instagram: amusement_industry_review
La Pitoune, the parks Log Flume, has also been almost completely removed according to the same source. The park opens on May 19th for the season.

The old grass-covered area has transformed into mud and snow. Picture from instagram: amusement_industry_review
The ride is unlikely moving to a new home by looking at the pictures. Picture from instagram: amusement_industry_review
More pictures can be viewed on the amusement_industry_review instagram.

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  1. Finally. Now please let it's replacement be worth of the location.


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