Yet another Log Flume Closes, Darien Lake to add new coaster.


Darien Lake releases coaster plans for next summer.

New Coaster Plans don't utilize empty lot.
As speculated weeks ago, Darien lake will be getting a new coaster. The new ride by Gerstlauer will feature a 95-degree drop from 100 feet, with a top speed of 52 mph. This is Darien Lake's first coaster since 2008.

“The entire team at Darien Lake is committed to investing in the park and the economic development of Genesee County," the statement read. "We are thrilled with the new proposed ride and anticipate being able to announce the full details in the coming weeks, once the proper approvals are received.” -BuffaloNews

The 1246 feet of track will feature a vertical lift hill, 1 inversion, and a compact layout that fits in where the Thunder Rapids Log Flume is currently standing.

Another flume down. What's that, 3 in the last month? It's a shame, especially since Darien Lake has a huge plot of unused land right next to the log flume in the middle of the park, where the slides seen below once stood.
Darien Lake's Empty Lot is Room for Expansion
The old slide complex near the entrance of the park is now an empty lot, with some old pools still visible, and will stay empty. (c)Bing Maps
Dariens Logo
Darien Lake's general manager also explains that the new ride will improve and sustain audiences from Buffalo and Rochester, and also drive more tourism to Genesee County.It's likely Darien Lake will have a final answer from the town on whether to move forward with the project within a month. -wkbw

This park, which seems to be slowly failing, will benefit in the short run with this addition, but overall I do not like the move. It's a low capacity coaster at a park that seems to be taking as many cost-cutting procedures as possible. With Canada's Wonderland not that much further for residents of Buffalo, it's hard to see this coaster bringing in the Canadian audience they are hoping for. It's an addition that might bring in more guests for one season, but I see the novelty wearing off quickly.

A one-trick pony much like their last coaster addition, this boardwalk/mall-coaster is less than I was hoping for after the hype shown during the last press release. I wonder how much Kanonen at Liseberg was sold for and how much shipping would've been to get it to Darien. Kanonen would be an incredible addition to Darien Lake, at quite possibly the same cost. It's still out there somewhere, we'll just have to wait longer and see where it ends up. If I remember correctly, Kanonen cost 6 Million USD at the time it was new.

Take a POV ride on a clone of the coaster below.

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