Wet n' Wild Replacement Hotels Announced.


Universal Studios announces two new budget-friendly hotels.

Universal Orlando Resort has announced not just one, but two hotels will be opening on the former Wet n' Wild site in Orlando as they continue to expand and grow. Opening Summer 2019, the two hotels will be tropical-themed, with "vibrant and natural colors (to) set a free-spirited, beachy tone" but names are currently unknown. The opening of these hotels will push Universal Resort to over 10,000 rooms on their property.
Budget Hotels Announced for Universal
A rendering of one of the two new hotels (Universal) This hotel will be located where the old Wet n' Wild water park once was.
More Budget Hotels for Universal
Plans from earlier in the year show the smaller of the two hotels utilizing the lake that was next to Wet n' Wild to provide spectacular room views. The area that was once where the wave pool thrilled guests is now a oval-shaped pool area.
The hotel pictured above will have 750 rooms while the other is substantially bigger at 2,050 rooms. Over 1,000 rooms total will be suites with two-bedrooms, allowing bigger families a budget way to visit Universal Studios. Prices will start below $100 a night at each hotel, and guests will also get early entry to the parks a la all Universal Studio's Hotels, a charge-to-the-room feature, as well as free bus transportation. The hotels (of course) do not include Universal Express, which is still reserved for the three original Universal Studio's Resort Hotels, Portfolio Bay, Hard Rock Hotel, and Royal Pacific.

The hotels will feature an abundance of amenities including two pools at the larger of the two hotels, one at the smaller hotel, poolside bars, food courts, fitness centers, car rental facilities, 3 parking garages, and more.
Universal Studios New Hotel Details
The second and larger of the two hotels. (Universal) This hotel will be located on the former Wet n' Wild Parking Lot.
Wet n' Wild Hotels Announced
The layout of the larger hotel as released earlier this year. (City of Orlando) You can still see Wet n' Wild in the old overlay to the top left of the picture for reference.

Once these hotels open, we may see a shuffling of hotel categories in the Universal lineup, as I find both of these hotels to be below all the current "Premier," "Preferred," and "Prime Value" options.

These almost 100% had to be budget hotels because there is no direct access to the parks, a bus is needed to get to the entrance while the Premier and Preferred hotels have walking trails or boat options to get to the entrances. Now we just need a new park announced from them instead of the constant destruction of classic rides! Lets go Universal, you've had enough rides built/planned in the last three years to open a whole park, and you've knocked out some favorite rides doing it! Get on with it already, you've got the space!

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