The Debate is Somewhat Settled. Skywarp Models Are a Roller Coaster.


After Months and Months of Debate, It Seems That Skyline Has Officially Gotten Themselves a Listing As A Coaster on RCDB.

(Six Flags)
Unprecedented. That's the word I would use to describe the situation here as RCDB has actually listed the new "Skywarp" models as a coaster. After what I would call a "big win" for Skyline Attractions, the wheel-launched attractions are now officially listed on, a site trusted by enthusiasts across the globe for their database of roller coasters. The base "Skywarp" model is now listed as a coaster traveling at 35mph with a height of 62 feet. The debate has been ongoing for months as enthusiasts argued amongst each other as to whether or not the coasters, which keep contact with drive-wheels throughout the ride, were truly roller coasters or not. 

Now the only question I have is why the Atlantis in Busch Gardens Williamsburg is not a coaster while SeaWorld Orlando's is a coaster. With more and more discretions like this enthusiasts will eventually start to question the reliability of Super odd in my opinion. What's your thought?

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  1. I've posted this elsewhere but am glad to see that you are seeing the issue I am.

    The trains are attached, the ride is a mirror image from side-to-side, the train is always in contact with the drive wheels. rcdb adding this has just opened a can of worms that should never have been opened. This is a mess now and rcdb will now start to get all sorts of arguments from companies and riders to include their ride.

    This is a one-train ride, with the train being longer than half the total track length, the train always being in contact with wheels, no block system in place, and gravity not a factor of the ride going faster/slower (since it is consistently in balance/a mirror image).

    I disagree and am SUPER disappointed to see rcdb be swayed by a company. You are right with them being a trusted source. Maybe they were paid. terrible decision. Non-mirror image models of the Skywarp may be a different story, but this is wrong for a site so trusted by enthusiasts to all the sudden include this ride, but rides like "Surf Dog" at Kings Island are not a coaster?


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