Some IAAPA Announcements!


New Rides and Vehicles Showcased at IAAPA Attraction Expo in Orlando, FL.

Opening day today for The International Association of Amusement Parks Attractions EXPO. Full of new concepts, rides, and train reveals; here's some of them, in no particular order.

RMC Twisted Cyclone Train at Six Flags Over Georgia:
Six flags over georgia twisted cyclone train
Looks based on the classic Corvette:
1959 Corvette  (pic:convertibletopguys)

SkySled, a new ride vehicle to the skycoaster lineup, the first in 25 years. "The new SkySled places riders in a seated position for a completely new experience.
Upon hearing the familiar “3-2-1, Fly!”, the ripcord is pulled and the SkySled treats flyers to an exhilarating experience similar to jumping off a cliff or base jumping. The new visuals coupled with the amazing freefall and swing experience offer a completely new thrill on an established attraction."

Dynamic Attractions All Terrain Dark Ride:

Mack Time Traveler Train at Silver Dollar City:
IAAPA silver dollar city train MACK

Gravity Group / Sesame Place Wooden Coaster Train! How cool are these:
GCI Wacky Trainat Busch Gardens Sesame Place Roller Coaster

S&S Steeplechase is re-invented. Interested to see how comfortable it will be with full lap-bars. Gone are the times where you can get out of a restraint, hopefully Blackpool keeps their original trains:
The new S&S Steeplechase coaster.
S&S Steeplechase coaster.
The S&S Steeplechase coaster is back

Intamin / SeaWorld Orlando Boats revealed for their new rapid ride:
Infinity falls raft trains at SeaWorld

Skyline Attractions New ride concepts, More dueling features for the Skywarp "are-they-a coaster-or-not?" rides:
Skyline attractions loop rides.
The latest models. Will these sell like hot cakes; what do you think? (Pic:

Gerstlauer New Jersey Mall Model. What a pair of coasters!
I wonder if they will enclose the first small drop/inversion or not. It's nice to keep those as a secret.


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