Silver Dollar City's Light Display


1.5 Million Lights added at Silver Dollar City

If you miss the Osborne lights at Disney World's Hollywood Studios, you may just need to head over to Silver Dollar City, as many of the lights are now being used over in Branson.

The new “Christmas in Midtown’s” vast number of lights with displays include a 90-foot-tall Christmas tree, revolving train, Santa Claus and a multitude of angels. The section of the park sits near the park’s town square.

The new section is added on top of two Broadway-style musical productions, a Nativity and several shows, rides, tree lightings, parades and other attractions in the 1880s-themed amusement park.
This years display will be the biggest yet, and is expected to see 400,000 visitors from now through December. Approximately 1/5 of the expected 2.1 million attending the theme park this year.

“People come to Branson, to Silver Dollar City, to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas,” said Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City Attractions. “We have Christmas lights, Christmas shows, and we want to give our guests an in-depth Christmas experience.”

The “Christmas in Midtown” is the largest addition to the park’s Christmas season in many decades.
The dazzling display is currently open now through December. (pic:The Telegraph)

“One million, five hundred thousand lights in a section of the city that’s right in the middle of the city,” he said. “We wanted to take this area that’s a little underutilized during the Christmas season and brighten it up a little bit.”
It took several years to develop the concept, he noted.

“We knew we wanted to make a Christmas addition and place that into our plans about three years ago,” he said. “Two years ago, it started becoming pretty solid in what we wanted to do.”

The designers and construction teams then went to work, but had a few issues to deal with.
“The buildings in the area are not as tall as we wanted them to be, so we looked at options,” Thomas recalled. “They actually created some frames that went on top of the roofs. They lit the frames and placed windows and candles on those frames to give the illusion that the buildings are taller back there.” -TheTelegraph

The entrance to the display (pic: The Telegraph)
I must say that the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios were a jaw-dropping experience, and it's good to see some of the lights help out another theme-park display. These are the types of events that bring a theme park to another level. Silver Dollar City is open Thursday-Sunday and will also be open on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and Dec. 20, as well as the entire week after Christmas.

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