London's Winter Wonderland, The Coolest Travelling Fair Ever.


Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is open with new rides, shows, and attractions for all!

Winter Wonderland in London is now open, and I highly recommend getting over there for everything it has to offer. From shows to rides, and of course Santa Claus, it's one of the best times you can have in the middle of a bustling city. Winter Wonderland is a must-see during the Christmas season.
Winter Wonderland London, Logo.
Like no other attraction in the world, a large section of the huge Hyde Park in London is transformed each year into the Winter Wonderland theme park. With tons of rides, coasters, shows, and more, it's incredible how huge a temporary theme park can be! Nostalgic and colorful, it is a staple of the winter season in London.
This ride alone is enough of a reason to get over the Hyde Park! Known as the most intense and one of the best travelling coasters, "the Munich Looping is the world’s largest transportable roller coaster and it's back again this year. This famous ride, from the popular Oktoberfest in Munich, made its UK debut at Winter Wonderland last year." -Winter Wonderland

This year the new observation tower is also debuting, giving views of the city like nowhere else. (It also gives an awesome top-down view of Munich Looping like you've never seen before!) "From the 80 meters high platform, you’ll get a 360 view of the London’s skyline. Why not make the experience even better with a glass of bubbly in the Tower Bar? So that you can enjoy a drink whilst looking out over the city for miles." 
Along with new rides, "this year’s all-new show Rebellion combines the best and most incredible daredevil acts from around the world. Expect dazzling trapeze, mind-blowing contortion and jaw-dropping acrobatics. Watch a motorbike take to the high wire, and back by popular demand, the incredible Globe of Death, this year with 5 motorcyclists in a splitting cage! Performed in the largest circus tent in the UK, the Megadome offers theatre-style comfort and a heated environment to keep you warm while you enjoy the show!" -Winter Wonderland

No matter your age, there's something for you to enjoy at Winter Wonderland. It's a celebration that is exactly what the holidays are all about. Check out everything here!

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