Kings Dominion's Twisted Timbers Update


Twisted Timbers is Quickly Taking Shape at Kings Dominion.

Twisted Timbers, the new RMC I-Box track at Kings Dominion is taking shape quickly! And it's seriously good-looking. But then again, what RMC isn't.
The First Drop! Twisted Timbers
The top of the lift. This ride has probably my favorite drop design of any coaster. Riding Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom in the back row was the most disorienting drop I've ever been on, so I'd expect the same here. (Kings Dominion)
 Kings Dominion's Coaster - Twisted Timbers Lift Hill Picture
Lift and straight airhills (Kings Dominion)
 Kings Dominion's Coaster - Twisted Timbers
The final hump into the brake run, along with a twisting airtime hill to the left. (Kings Dominion)
New Kings Dominion's Coaster - Twisted Timbers
The In-line twist looks awesome even without any track in place! (Kings Dominion)
Twisted Timbers will have 20 different moments of airtime, including three straight airhills back-to-back, something that we have not seen on an RMC yet. So far trackwork is 40% complete, with structure work complete minus a small portion back towards where Grizzly is.
Roller Coaster Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion
Two of the three straight airhills. (Kings Dominion)
Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion POV
Another angle of the in-line twist. (Kings Dominion)
Kings Dominion Drop, Timbers
The drop looks incredible! Perfect!
One thing that does bug me a lot with RMC's is the small bumps they put in the 'straight' sections. I understand they need to do something to get the track to where the existing structure exists, but there's two on the ride right at the beginning. Steel Vengeance also has one at the bottom of the first drop. We'll see how they ride, but in the POV they just don't do it for me. RMC is also beginning to incorporate lateral-G's into their rides more and more often, and the few that I've experienced are just not pleasant (The turn into the brakes on Storm Chaser gets to be too much when the ride is running quickly.) Or I'm getting old, that's it.
Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion Update
Overhead the overbank (Kings Dominion)

Well, one thing is for sure, this thing is 'Twisted' and looks to have one awesome layout. The awesome drop along with the three straight airhills are what I'm most looking forward to, because RMC airtime is incredible, and those back-to-back hills will be insane! Check out a POV of the ride below and a video where you can see track being laid into place. Thanks Kings Dominion for the photo update!

Awesome to see them lay the track and metal piece on top.

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