Connected-Track Spotted for "Dueling" Coaster at Wanda Guangzhou


Wanda Guangzhou Theme Park's Incredible Dueling Coaster-Track Being Fabricated.

Artwork for the planned Wanda Park in Guangzhou.(Wanda)
The inverted/sit down dueling coaster at Wanda looks awesome in the preview artwork, but the track looks even cooler in real life. You really can see just how close these two car's wheels will be to each-other. At least we'll get an original Dueling Coaster after the Dragons were removed.
Pre-paint, Coaster Track for Dueling coaster at Wanda
Pre-paintwork, I love the heavy,huge look of unpainted track, it gives it an entirely different personality. I always thought unpainted track would do wonders for a mine-themed attraction. I wish Mystery Mine at Dollywood used this look. (
The loop section of dueling track
Part of the large loop. This will look unreal when both cars are travelling through at the same time. (

Banked Section. (
a turn section of track with a support squeezed in
Another angle of a turn-section of track with a support squeezed in. (
Track at the factory
The track laid outside the factory. (
New Dueling Coaster and Theme Park in China
Park artwork really shows you the high-quality of theming this park is going for. There's some absolutely crazy parks going up in China at the moment. (
Premier Ride Systems new Ride for Wanda Parks
The park has some top-notch attractions that we have not seen elsewhere! (
This park and all Wanda Parks are really coming together well. They are seriously going to be some awesome parks when they all open.

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