Will Universal Finally Create A Night Show That's Good Enough For it to Stick Around?


Universal Studios has a new night show in the works, the resort announced Tuesday.

Universal has always lacked in the night-time show department compared to Disney. Illuminations, the lagoon show at EPCOT, has been around for almost 20 years. At Universal, they've never lasted long, they've always been a bit cheap-looking compared to the shows at the mouse, and they've required ugly structures to be floating in the lagoon all day long.
(c) Universal Florida
All of these are issues that will hopefully be addressed in the coming show, which we expect would open for late 2018, or 2019. The show replaces the "Cinematic Spectacular, 100 Years of Movie Memories," a lagoon show that replaced "Universal 360: A Cinesphere Spectacular." in the park's center Lagoon. It featured famous scenes from Universal Pictures films projected onto large waterfall screens mixed with fountains and pyrotechnics. The show was narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and was part of the 100-year anniversary celebration at Universal Studios through 2012.
The Central Lagoon at Universal Studios Florida
Universal has yet to release the name or any further details regarding the show. The new show is one of many new attractions and experiences coming to the Orlando resort.

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