Vertical Rail Track Spotted - Showing Universal Studios Nintendo-Land Concept?


S&S Plant in Utah new track style spotting -- Confirming Universal Studios' Nintendo concept-artwork?

Track style very closely matches a patent from Universal. Pic found on InsideUniversal Forums

A new track style has been spotted outside the S&S Plant in Utah, with rumors all over the place at the moment, guesses seem to be mostly pointing towards Universal's new Nintendo Land as a possible merchant. I highly recommend visiting for some great conversation on the track style.

The new track style could do wonders for a Donkey-Kong style indoor coaster/dark ride. With mentions of a section where it "jumps off the rails," false track could be placed above this track for quite the illusion if rumors are true!
With some theming and certain angles hidden from guests, this track style can give the perfect illusion for what Universal is looking to accomplish. Pic Found on InsideUniversal Forums
This photo found on gameflixhd shows exactly how a wooden support structure would hide the actual track from view. By placing it next to such a structure, the rail truly does disappear into the supports.

More images shown online point at the Nintendo themed land to include areas from Mario, Kirby, and Zelda as well as Donkey Kong. They also indicate rides based on Pokemon and Mario Kart.
The Nintendo-themed land will affect the kids area behind the Simpsons ride at Universal.

Update 10/30/2017:

Seems this new coaster is in fact an evolution of the classic Arrow steeplechase coaster. This does not count out Universal as a taker of the ride system, but does make the chances a bit more slim. The ad does mention new ride vehicles, we'll just have to wait and see what IAAPA shows us on the 14th this month. (Pic:

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