Swedish Animal/Amusement Park "Furuvik" to Transform It's Ghost Castle Into New Dark Ride.


Furuvik to transform haunted ride to arcade-like game.

This sounds like it is very much like Alton Tower's haunted house, turning it into a game.

The attraction will be reborn as an interactive dark ride following a SEK 25 million ($3m/€2.6m) investment. Construction will start this autumn ahead of a relaunch in 2018. Passengers will compete against each other and collect points by scaring away ghosts and other creatures. A new name for the attraction, currently called Spökborgen, has yet to be decided.

Sally Corporation, which worked previously with Parks and Resorts on House of Nightmares at Gröna Lund, will complete the transformation. This is the first time such an interactive experience has been offered to park guests in Sweden.

Refurbishment of Furuvik’s Tivoli (amusement area) began two years ago. First came the Zamperla children’s rides Små Grodorna/Little Frogs (Jump Around) and Gungan (Happy Swing). This year Fireball, a Family Boomerang coaster from Vekoma, had its premiere. Next year, as well as the new look ghost castle and upgraded area, the Furuvik Havshotell will open adjacent to the park. -blooloop

To be totally honest, I'm not a fan of many of the shooting games at parks. I feel they take away from the ride, and the haunted attraction should just be refurbished. But in the Millenium-marketing era that we are in, there needs to be new marketable material, and a "new" ride is what the park needs at this moment.
Rides designed this way in the first place take advantage of the game-system, like Toy Story or Men in Black, but the cheap overhaul into a shooting game never makes me excited. Just ride Alton's "Duel" haunted house ride without shooting the targets, you'll have more fun enjoying the ride...
"Duel" at Alton Towers is a transformed Haunted House.

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  1. Altons old haunted house was incredible. Even the scares got more family friendly with the transition.


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