Secret Weapon 8, Alton Towers Episode Two Revealed & Decoded.


Alton is back at it again with a new episode showing off a quick clue. 

Which is decoded below for you. Check out the Secret Weapon Site here. Check out newly found pictures of the ride below too!
We interrupt this to bring you good news. You are invited to a celebration of the earth and its beauty. All this noise, all this technology, it's too much isn't it? There's no time or space to think is there? Deep down you know the truth don't you?. The technology has now taken the reigns. How did you get here? Maybe it doesn't matter. What matters is this chance, your opportunity to reconnect to the earth. Come join us near the woods, and partake in the celebration. How far you choose to go, that is your choice. What part you choose to play only you can decide. Be chosen on the night where the living meets the dead.

There are also some great construction pics over on social media, check out some of the best below including the large theming element, and a lift mechanism, which is unexpected because of the launch rumours. Still, something is going on with the bottom section of the lift vs. the upper section.

Lift wheel? -Imgur

Terrain looks amazing here. The tunnels should really add to it, hopefully some trees will grow in to finish the area off nicely. -Attraction Images
The theming element is still mostly unknown as to what the finished product will look like. -Attraction Images
Overall, we really just have to wait and see what the "first of its kind" secret is really going to be for this ride. Alton is always advertising rides in such a great way that it is surely keeping us excited!

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