Ratatouille Permit shows the ride is well underway.


Ratatouille Permit shows the ride is well underway. 

Ratatouille Ride Concept Artwork.
Permit filed for the plot of land behind the France Pavillion, and to the immediate left, leaving a lot of space for a large ride.

Walt Disney World is well underway on adding several new attractions to Epcot — including the latest with "Little Chef" Remy at the France pavilion.

A new Disney permit filed with Orange County is for "Project MI," with an address at the France pavilion. The permit is for "core and shell" that includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural steel, concrete and metal work, documents showed. Balfour Beatty Construction is the project general contractor.

Disney officials were immediately unavailable for response, but the location appears to point to a new ride at Epcot based on "Ratatouille," the popular Pixar film that follows the story of a rat named Remy in Paris with a knack for cooking.

Disney already has an existing ride at Disneyland Paris — Ratatouille: The Adventure. The 4-D dark ride "shrinks" riders and puts them in a frantic adventure through Gusteau’s restaurant, evading those who aren't keen about seeing rodents in the restaurant. The Epcot ride here may resemble the Disneyland Paris attraction.

Meanwhile, the permit doesn't indicate when the project will be completed, but Disney has previously said the ride will be open by Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary in 2021.

The ride is one of many new attractions Disney has in the works that includes a new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster at Epcot, the Star Wars expansion at Disney's Hollywood Studios and a new Tron coaster at Magic Kingdom.

The new Ratatouille attraction provides something fresh for Epcot's World Showcase and will help to keep guests coming back for the latest additions. -Biz Journals
So the final question is if this will be a clone of the Paris ride or something new altogether.
Ratatouille Ride EPCOT
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The ride location is currently a backstage area with storage for the Food and Wine Festival, along with some utility buildings. We expect the ride to take up some of the grass/tree area to the left of the photo, as well as the entirety of the storage/utility area.

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