New Waterslide "Zero-G" Looks Awesome!


New Gravity Wave Slide has an awesome looking wall! Looking for brave first riders!

Travelling at the top of that wall looks like a great time!
The Gravity Wave water slide, which opens at the Whittlesea park later this month, will launch a raft of riders off a 26.8m high platform, hurtling down 186m of open and closed tubing before plunging into the depths of the gravity wave.

Then riders will be powered by 200 litres of water per second, causing them to experience weightlessness and zero G-forces as they scale the heights of the Gravity Wave wall.

Park owner John Verga said he is excited for Victorians to witness the new ride and is searching for two brave Melburnians along with their friends, to be first to experience the white-knuckle thrill. -Herald Sun

That wall looks incredible.

“We are looking for two adrenaline junkies to be the first to experience the ride; the only prerequisite is that they have a daredevil attitude and are willing to take on a ride like they’ve never experienced before,” he said.

“They will be travelling at 27 feet per second, catapulting them up the height of the wave while the weightlessness will make them feel like they are going to flip backwards,” he said.

To be in the running to be the first to ride the Gravity Wave, potential riders must take a selfie of their training regimen in anticipation of being a ‘first launcher’ of the ride.

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Good Luck to being the First Riders!

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