NBA Experience to Open in Place of DisneyQuest


NBA Experience small details and artwork released, 2 years after the closure of NBA City at Universal.

As DisneyQuest continues to be demolished, Disney has given us a first look at the new NBA Experience to open in its place.
NBA Experience (c)Disney
Universal Studios CityWalk closed NBA City 2 years ago, and quickly afterward Disney took the plan to open a similar, much larger experience at their version of CityWalk, Disney Springs.
I will definitely miss the huge Pinball room at DisneyQuest, the rest seemed dark and run down when I went. pic:Henry Simmons
Today Disney has given us some details on the new experience, that looks to be a much larger and greater version of the old Universal Studios restaurant. Expect a huge arcade, spectacular restaurant, and fantastic area to watch sports! It also fits in great for Disney with the company heavily involved in the NBA through airing games.

The NBA City Restaurant (now closed) at Universal's CityWalk (c)Trip Advisor
Inspired by the modern architecture of new NBA arenas around the country, the building design exudes the same spirit and energizing impact, while creating an unmistakable and entertaining connection to the NBA in a way that only Disney can.

“We are inspired by the design of the new building and the energy that it will bring to the West Side of Disney Springs,” said Senior Vice President of Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Maribeth Bisienere.

The state-of-the-art space will include interactive games and competitions, immersive experiences, a retail store and an adjacent restaurant. -Disney
I remember as a kid going into a large arcade that had about 20 different basketball hoops with all sorts of differently shaped backboards. It was extremely fun to shoot into a 20-foot hoop, or a backboard that was bowed inward. I'd love to see something like this adapted into NBA Experience.

What are your thoughts? I do not see this sport growing, but love bars and beer, so you'll see me here!

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