Injuries resulting from a suspected E-stop on Darien Lake ride.


Multiple Riders Injured at Darien Lake on "Silver Bullet"

Statement from the park:
At approximately 5:12 this evening, in the process of bringing the Silver Bullet to a stop, some guests received injuries, resulting in minor first aid response from the Darien Lake Medical Team. The Silver Bullet, and all of our rides, receive standard daily inspections each morning. After injuries were reported, our safety crews conducted an assessment and confirmed that the ride is operating safely within standard guidelines. Darien Lake will reopen tomorrow at 11 a.m. and the Silver Bullet will be operational.

The park went on to say that the ride did not malfunction, but it seems the sudden/emergency stop did shake up a few guests enough to receive on-site care. This seems like an incident that news channels/websites jumped on to try and get a story out of. Seems quite ordinary and blown out-of-proportion.

More info can be seen at
Snapchat video captured the ride during the "accident"

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