German Alpine Coaster Severes Boys Leg.


Accident at German's "Fort Fun" Park results in a severed leg.

A 12-year-old boy injured his leg in an accident at a west German amusement park on Saturday.
The boy was riding a gravity-driven alpine coaster, in which bobsled-style cars run down a hill on tracks similar to a roller coaster. Riders are responsible for their own braking on the popular attraction.

The accident happened at Fort Fun amusement park about 120 kilometers (70 miles) west of Dusseldorf in Sauerland, a hilly tourist region of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Fort Fun claims the Trapper Slider attraction is the longest summer toboggan run in any amusement park in Europe.

"Trapper Slider meanders down the mountain in the middle of the Sauerland forests. The longest summer toboggan run in an amusement park in Europe guarantees 1.3 kilometers of downhill fun with plenty of bends, turns and bumps," the website proclaims. -Deutsche Welle
The Fort Fun Mountain Coaster.
I find it hard to see a ride malfunction here. It seems like somehow the boy was able to get his leg in front of the ride, where it caught on a piece of track and was dragged underneath the ride car. Alpine coasters do not have traditional roller coaster restraints, most just use seat belts.

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