ANOTHER Log Flume to Bite the Dust.


Another sad day as one of the best family-friendly rides a park can offer, shuts down.

These maintenance nightmares seem to be closing in the multiples each year nowadays. And now it has been announced that this will be Loggers Run's last month of operation. The ride will shut for good on October 29th. The California's Great America ride has thrilled guests since 1976.

These Arrow log flumes are dropping like flies, and you can see from this article by BGWFans the trouble Busch Gardens goes through to keep their beautiful flume up-and-running, which makes it clears as to why other parks are letting them go.
The Logger's Run Entrance Sign! (c)Youtube
Log Flumes are truly something everyone can enjoy. They have a drop for the thrill seeker, are usually quite well-themed, are tame enough that the old Dads and Moms can ride with you, they make for great fun, and for great family pictures! There's nothing wrong with a good log flume! It's an extremely sad day when one is announced to close.
(c) Six Flags

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