Toverland Releases Details on New Expansion!


Toverland expansion looks top-notch!

It's been known for a while this expansion was coming, but major details have now been released.

Toverland already has an incredible looking park with theming that is extremely high quality. This coaster is an excellent addition that looks to fit in perfectly with the existing park and newly-themed area.
Concept Artwork
The themed area will be named "Avalon," and includes the wing coaster "Fenix." This land expands the park so much that it makes it a whopping 150% the size of its current self! The new world is based off of Merlin and King Arthur, and features two world-class attractions.

"The central figure in the area will be Merlin, which together with the companion "FeNix" ensures that there is only good magic in the area. The opponent, on the other hand, will be the witch Morgana, who could lurk behind every corner in the area."
Both of the e-ticket attractions shown.
In addition to the Wingcoaster, Toverland will also be adding a family attraction, "Merlin's Quest," by Mack Rides. This 12-minute boat ride goes through rivers intertwined through Avalon. The river ride will take visitors on a ride with Merlin in search of Tir na nOg, the fountain of eternal life. During this ride the boats will also travel through a dark-ride section themed as a ruin. The ride has 14 boats, 2 are handicap accessible.
Train details.
I'm a big fan of the turn before the first drop, it should give a great view and give riders a nice heart-pounding lead-up to the inverted drop. The high-speed air-hill following the initial drop looks great too, along with the near-ground turn.

Fenix Stats:
Length: 2667 Feet
Height: 131 Feet
Speed: 59mph
3 Inversions
2 Minute Ride Time.
Themed station
This addition being the new entrance to the park will really look incredible! I also love how the park has been advertising the new ride as a "B&M" directly in their advert. You know that the park appreciates coaster enthusiasts and has a great following when they highlight the make of the ride right in the official teaser! Check out the new trailer below from Toverland, followed by the original teaser and more artwork!

If you are unfamiliar with Toverland, I highly recommend checking out their youtube to see how well-themed the park is! A wing-rider is truly a perfect addition for them. They are majestic coasters that arguably create the smoothest ride out of any coaster-type.

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