Top 5 Rides at Universal Studios Orlando Resort


Top 5 : Universal Orlando!  -  Fall 2017

Picking these top 5 is actually hard! With Dueling Dragons/ Dragon Challenge now closed we have an all new list, with a lot of honorable mentions as always.

1. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.
The best immersive ride experience, possibly in the world, this ride has something for everyone. The Potter fan, roller coaster lover, and thrill ride fanatic will all fall in love. The technology and ride itself are just awesome. You don't need to know much more! You'll become a Harry Potter fan after experiencing Universal Orlando! A suitable replacement for Jaws, even though Jaws will always be missed by myself.
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Outside.
Expect some busy days - Go first thing in the morning!

2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.
Just a short ride on the Hogwarts Express brings you to the next best ride in the park. Its immersive-ness and the excitement you feel from cast members and muggles make this extremely exciting as well! The ride vehicles are exciting and give the floating feeling that fits in with the ride!
Incredible, if only they would hide the ride building from view that is just off to the right of this image.
3. Revenge of the Mummy.
This ride is truly all about theming, and this is most likely the best themed roller coaster in the world. A lot more effects than its brother in Hollywood, the Orlando version has more height and effects that make it the better ride! Although Hollywood's backwards section is quite fun.
Revenge of the Mummy, the ride!
A queue that gets you in the mood and a ride that lives up to the hype. When's the re-theme with Tom Cruise? Soon, I Imagine.
4. The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man
This ride is similar to Harry Potter Forbidden Journey, but it is the original, and it is totally awesome. A must-ride at Islands of Adventure, this ride takes a good mix of screens and props to create an awesome 4 dimensional ride. It also has a bit of a classic-ride feel, already, which automatically makes it better. It also has one of the best queues and is just interesting to walk through! Don't forget to 'Say Cheese' for the ride photo that you will never get to see.
Universal still has rights to these rides in Florida even though Disney owns them, lets hope it stays that way!
5. The Incredible Hulk
Personally I had a tough choice between Rip, Ride, Rockit and HULK, but ultimately Hulk is the ride that will have little catch phrases from the theming of the ride that will stick with you, and have you enjoy the ride more. While I wish it had more airtime, or just a more comfortable ride in general, it still is a world class coaster that is downgraded in ratings because of the incredible rides that surround it. The launch is forgotten by enthusiasts, and it is one of the few uphill launches in the industry. Also - Check out the old coaster track that creates the new entrance, this ride was rebuilt in 2016 with the same layout, because it's that iconic, and that good.
The photo everyone takes. And it is beautiful. What a series of elements.
There's a lot of honorable mentions from Universal. Ripsaw Falls is excellent, Popeye is also great. Kong has put a fresh ride in Islands of Adventure that wasn't Harry Potter, and the shows are also incredible and have something for everyone. Jurassic Park immerses you in a world that no other water ride does better in the world. Men in Black is the best shooting-based ride I've ever been on, and the Hogwarts Express is the best ride-with-a-purpose that there can be. Universal is filled with things that must be experienced for a few days to truly experience everything the resort offers, and there's no sign of them slowing down!

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