Three LegoLand Parks to revamp coasters into VR Rides


The trend continues as now Legoland moves to create VR-Coasters

The Great LEGO® Race to Immerse Families in Exhilarating New Experience at Malaysia, Floridaand Deutschland Resorts in 2017-2018 
POOLE, England, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Prepare to take a ride on the wildest LEGO® race ever imagined when cutting-edge virtual reality technology combines with roller coaster thrills in an exhilarating new attraction opening in late 2017 at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, followed in 2018 at LEGOLAND Florida Resort and Germany's LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort, UK parent company Merlin Entertainments Group (LONDON: MERL) announced today.

Developed under the supervision of Merlin Magic Making, the company's global creative and delivery division, The Great LEGO Race will transform three existing "Project X" roller coasters into an exciting, high-octane experience that puts kids in the driver's seat and asks, "Are you brave enough to face, race and beat the best of the best in all of LEGO world?"
Featuring a colorful lineup of racers drawn from the ranks of the popular LEGO minifigure mystery assortments, The Great LEGO Race pits riders in a rollicking race against wild, brick-built contraptions driven by Trendsetter, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain, including a rocket-powered surfboard and a stylish scooter fueled by espresso.
Wearing VR headsets, guests will experience the action from every direction – up, down, forward, backward and all points in between – in a dazzling environment where everything is made of LEGO bricks.

More VR isn't exactly the best upgrade we could hope for. They are cheaper upgrades that can be marketed as new rides to the general public, and also lengthen the waits of a ride. I have ridden Galactica at Alton Towers and was pleasantly surprised, but it doesn't warrant a re-ride really. has the rest of the story.

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