Sunday, September 24, 2017

Top 5 Thrill Rides at Disney World - Orlando

Top Five Rides at Disney World Florida!

Disney has a ton to offer - and they do have thrill rides that rival Universal Studios, it's not all for kids over at the mouse!

When you read these articles you always find rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Soarin' on them. We don't agree with those lists at all, and actually find those rides quite boring! The nostalgia is there and make it worth the ride if you have time - but they are not the best Disney has to offer! We don't like looking at a screen, and we don't like slow moving rides! Heck, we didn't even put Rockin' Roller Coaster on this list, because it really isn't THAT good of a coaster! It's outdoor counterpart clone at Walibi is quite exciting as well, but in no means is it top 5 at Disney World! Also - we aren't at a theme park to learn about the presidents, that's just us.

Anyway, Here are some of the Amusement Insider crew's 5 personal favourites.

5.  Toy Story: Midway Mania at Hollywood/MGM Studios
Yes, the wait is almost always 60.
Well we just said how much we don't like screens, but this is different!  We love competition, and this ride is the best competition there is. Ride twice and your arm will be dead from the constant pulling of a string. This is a ride that adults will go crazy for, and kids will love as well. The guns all work all the time unlike its sister ride at Phantasialand, and the 3D is top-notch and not blurry or sickening at all. This ride is all around fun that must be ridden!  Wanna bet me a dollar I win? 

4. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

A smooth ride made by Vekoma you say? Yes, this ride is smooth and has everything you want in a coaster. It's got it exciting dark sections, and thrilling outdoor sections with a great pre-lift segment that gets you in a good mood. While the Yeti at the end may not move anymore, that takes very little away from this exciting ride. 
The best theming of any coaster in the world?

3. Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom
Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom is a ride you can ride over and over again and laugh and love every time. The ride is loud, fast-paced, and incredible. Overall one of my favourite dark rides in the world - Dinosaur has top-of-the-line theming with an awesome story line that went a bit downhill with a new pre-show after the "Dinosaur" movie. Fun-ish Fact:The yellow, white, and red tubes in the station are you ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise from the old nearby McDonalds.
Don't miss out on this ride if you are at Disney.

The ride vehicles perfectly move in motion to what is going on around. It truly is exciting over and over, and the more you ride this ride the more you love it, we guarantee it. Dinosaur is seriously good fun where you can scream as loud as you want, because the audio is so loud no one will hear you anyway.

2. Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom
This old coaster is another ride that just gets better and better as you ride it. It's long, dark, and thrilling. Put your hands up the whole ride and try not to take them down! It's truly scary with the supports so close to you hands, and the ride seems faster than it is with the darkness and near-misses. It's truly incredible that this ride is so old, it is one of the best rides in the world. 
"Wwwmmm," you can touch the ceiling during this segment if you want to friction-burn your fingers on the plastic lights. 
Theming is top-notch of course, and you seem to forget how great the theming really is every time you ride!

1. Tower of Terror at Hollywood/MGM Studios
The top 3 rides on this list are all truly incredible rides that use real life props in place of screens and virtual reality. Tower of Terror has an incredible queue with a pre-show that does not get old. The main ride is shorter than some would like, but the build-up is so good that it's all worth it. The random ride sequence is awesome, and keeps you going back for more as you hope to get your favourite sequence. 

There's some great secrets at Tower of Terror to get you to the front of the line or warrant you a re-ride if you do something at the ride that coincides with the story line of the movie. But we're not nice enough to tell you what it is.

Have a fun vacation at Disney, and please don't miss these rides whatever you do! They all need multiple re-rides to truly appreciate them, something Disney does better than any other park.