T2: 3D To (Finally) Close - Universal Orlando Resort


Terminator 2: 3D is being chopped by Universal Studios Orlando.

Well I must say it is no surprise as the Terminator movies are old and the show itself is outdated, but it has finally been confirmed that the show/movie is being removed for a new combo show/movie.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Terminator 2: 3-D will make its last run on Sunday Oct. 8 at the Universal Orlando Resort. The theme park announced Thursday a new live action experience will replace the ride in 2019.

The sci-fi thriller-themed attraction takes place in an indoor theater that uses 3D film, stage acting and special effects and made its debut in 1996.

There are no official details at this time about what this 2019 attraction will be exactly. -orlandoweekly.com
Universal Studios Orlando to Replace Terminator Show

Well there it goes, my last childhood ride/show at Universal that is leaving.
It's been tough last 5 years with Jaws, Twister, etc. and now Terminator is the nail in the coffin.

It is extremely sad to see them go. However, the good news is that the rumour is that it will be replaced with a live action movie/show. (Not just a screen show)

Rumours that have been thrown out as guesses as a possibility have pointed towards "How to Train Your Dragon," which had a Broadway-style stage show, with live puppet-style dragons that looked extremely good from videos I've seen. Other Rumours point to Jason Bourne or Pitch Perfect.

I mean... this would pretty great for adults and kids alike!

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