Monday, September 4, 2017

MFK: Three Well-Themed Inverts

MFK: Three Well-Themed Inverts

Marry Fuck Kill, Inverted Coasters
My hardest decision yet.

MFK RulesThese are the last three rides on Earth. Marry: The one you get to ride (and deal with) every day. Fuck: The one you have one last ride with. Kill: She's gone. No last rides.

My picks? This one was a Shocker.

This was so tough because I'm still not in love with Nemesis, but I know that the layout is awesome and original. Maybe my 4-5 rides on it just aren't enough to fall in love yet. But Black Mamba has got to be the best themed coaster in the world, I can't kill him.  Montu is my childhood ride, so she is staying.

Fuck Montu, my childhood crush, one last time.

Tough, but I'm marrying Nemesis. She has more to offer and I feel there's more to notice each time you ride. Plus the terrain is nice, I'll ride under her tracks any day of the week.

Kill Black Mamba. 

I rewrote this post 10 times before finally making this decision. Each was killed at least once.


  1. Have to Marry Montu and Fuck nemmy

  2. Marry Montu! Fuck Nemmy! Kill Mamba!!