Man dies after being hit in theme park’s haunted house


Man Dies at Chinese Theme Park during its Haunted House Seasonal Event.

This does seem like one of those freak accidents, as a 21-year old came across a backstage area and somehow got hit on the head by a coffin lid.
The entrance to the attraction
He reportedly stumbled into a backstage area of the house, which he was unaware was restricted for staff only. A mechanical coffin, which forms part of the moving vehicle that plunges visitors into darkness, hit the man.
He was rushed to hospital but later died.
According to Ocean Park’s website, guests who dare enter the attraction ‘experience being buried alive alone, before fighting their way out of their dark and eerie grave.’
An advertisement for the park's event
Horrible News to see a Halloween event go this way, I'm sure parks go to measures to make sure Guests cannot be brought into backstage areas, but the fact that something is in the area that can be opened quick enough to cause someone to be knocked out is very odd and I'm sure the investigation will find more to this story. The rest of the article can be read here.

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