Thursday, September 14, 2017

Efteling Removing One of the Last Bobsled Rides?

Bye Bye Bob? Let's hope not!

Will we see the end of this custom layout bobsled coaster? One of the last Intamin Bobsled Coasters may be saying goodbye. 
Beautiful Shot!! What great surroundings!
(Translated as best as possible) How long does the bobban at Efteling have left to exist? The amusement park is currently watching what's happening in the future with the popular attraction. Upgrading and demolishing are among the possibilities. 

"We know that Bob does not have eternal life," a spokeswoman told Looopings. "The end of this lifespan will eventually come in sight. Therefore, we are reviewing all possible scenarios." 

The 32-year-old bobbin was recently closed due to technical problems . "We were pressed with the facts," the counselor said. The attraction is also closed in the rain.

Efteling can choose to give the attraction a huge turnaround, or completely demolish and replace it with something new. "Are we going for temporary solutions or are we going to take a rigorous decision at one time?" We are currently thinking about it. " 

According to the spokesman, Efteling fans do not have to fear that the bobsleigh will soon be demolished. "It's not going to be such a cruise, and even when the Efteling replaces attractions, it's usually about the same experience. Back to the wooden roller coaster Pegasus, which was replaced by the double wooden roller coaster Joris and the Dragon in 2010. "

I love this ride in this park. It fits in well and also treks its way through the woods. Coasters traveling through dense forest are always hard to see go, because you know its going to take another 40 years for the trees to be back at the height they are. So, even with a suitable replacement, you'll lose some of that atmosphere. Now, this being Efteling, I'm sure its replacement will be suitable and the themeing will be like no other. Either way, it's always hard to replace a classic.
Just look at how hard it is to see any sort of layout in there! The tree growth is fantastic around this ride!! 

It would be extremely sad to see it go. I believe there are only three of these Intamin Bobsleds left, and they all seem to have issues with operating; it seems all of them are down 50% of the time. They also have piss-poor capacity ratings, which points to a replacement with Efteling's growing popularity. The two I'm familiar with (La Vibora and Alpine Bobsled) are down more often then I see them operating.
Expect this one to be the first-to-go out of the three left. Grab your rides now!