Busch Gardens Williamsburg, New VR Ride, "Battle For Eire"


Busch Gardens reveals details on new virtual reality attraction slated to open in 2018.

The attraction opening in 2018 will be called "Battle for Eire," a VR Simulator Ride that features a fairy warrior by the name of Eire, who will lead rides through an adventure.
The New Ride's Logo
The new ride will be located in Busch Garden's Ireland section and will be a family-friendly attraction. There's also the option to ride without VR and observe a standard video.

Through the journey, you will be trying to rescue the Heart of Eire and the magic of Ireland. The ride uses state of the art virtual reality with 360-views and motion-based platforms. Riders will be able to see, feel, and hear what is going on around them, they will be completely immersed in detail.

“We are taking guests on an incredible journey,” said Busch Gardens vice president of engineering Larry Giles in a statement. “The movement of the simulator combined with interactive special effects from the VR headsets will deliver an exciting, high-energy experience, with a great storyline.”

“Battle For Eire will be the type of experience that only Busch Gardens can deliver,” said Busch Gardens president David Cromwell in a statement. “The combination of innovative VR headsets with our simulator will create an immersive, exciting environment for guests of all ages.” (Vagazette)

This seems to be a great addition for Busch Gardens, and from what I've seen the VR seems to be much clearer than other HTC-based VR systems we are used to seeing in theme parks. Check out the first part of a series that Busch Gardens is putting on Youtube to launch the new ride below.

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  1. This crap is now taking over DarkKastle and closing it, We can only hope they will update Darkastle in the future and re-open it as a new thing. #savedarkkastle


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