Monday, August 28, 2017

This Weeks MFK: Seaworld-Style

MFK: Seaworld-Owned Battle. Mako/ Cheetah Hunt/ Alpengeist

MFK Rules: These are the last three rides on Earth. Marry: The one you get to ride (and deal with) every day. Fuck: The one you have one last ride with. Kill: She's gone. No last rides.

It's Monday and time for another tough MFK. 

It's tough here to choose between these coasters, they all offer something different and have something to offer. Cheetah's three launches, Makos B&M Airtime, and Alpengeist's speed and forces.

My choices? I'm going to marry Cheetah Hunt, even though it's not the best coaster here, it's original and re-ridable!

I'm killing Alpengeist, I just like Hypers too much. So I'll take one last and smooth Fu** from Mako.

What're you thinking?


  1. Marry Cheetah Hunt and Then Fuck Manta Because I've Never Been