Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2018 Ride Leaked - Crazanity?

While it's been a rumour for a couple weeks now, a few images have popped up online that pretty much confirm the new addition of a Disc-o flat ride.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, New for 2017 Ride
World's tallest starflyer may also be coming with the announcement of Crazanity. A claim that makes sense for 2018 as Six Flags can use the terms they love (Record Breaking, Fastest, Tallest, ect.) to promote the ride. 
This is also the park that is moving to 365-days, who knows if they'll take it easy this year or add both of these rumoured flat rides. Let's hope for the best.

Unfortunately, so far Six Flags' announcement day is not doing much for coaster lovers. There's still the Six Flags America rumour for ROAR to be taken out or RMC'd. 

It looks like the big parks will be getting a collection of flat rides as many Six Flags parks did last year. So far Great Adventure has a Top-Spin similar ride, and Magic Mountain now with the spinning disc-o ride. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain, New for 2017