Thursday, August 31, 2017

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dueling "Coaster" Announced.

Six Flags is at it again with clever advertising and wording that makes their ride seem like a high-speed coaster.

Combined speeds of 70mph means that both cars will be going 35 mph I'm assuming. The "dueling" word can be used loosely here, along with the word "coaster." Check out the video of the ride below.

This does seem like a glorified Larson Looper, though I'm sure it will be better. But will this really count as a roller coaster? It's tough to say. I do like how the spacers for the two cars are in between instead of the length of the track like something you would see on a Larson. This is powered by tyres which is quite cool (Although it does seem that some section of the car and connection will be touching wheels at all times, so Gravity is not much of a factor.)
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom New Coaster for 2018!
Exciting to see a somewhat new flat ride concept

 Hopefully the restraints will be comfortable and this could be a good ride.

What are your thoughts? Will this bring you to the park?