Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Six Flags America Posts ROAR Roller Coaster Teaser

ROAR At Six Flags America's Last Season?

It's about time SF America gets a new coaster!

So what does Six Flags have in store for ROAR? My guess would be RMC, it seems like all older, rough wooden coasters are going the way of this conversion, and this is another great choice by Six Flags.

These conversions are cheaper than an entire demolition, RMC is just getting better and better, and reviews are also becoming better of the incredibly smooth and one-of-a-kind experiences.

RMC's first rides that had complaints of being forceless are quickly turning into incredible airtime machines that are all the rave. And the General Public's opinion is also good on these conversions. No one like a coaster that is too rough.  

ROAR Roller Coaster at Six Flags America to close after 2017
Goodbye ROAR.