New Texas Giant Review - Six Flags Over Texas


New Texas Giant - A Giant Upset.

Don't get me wrong, this ride is still great, but the over hype of RMC has to make this the most overrated ride I've ever been on, and probably RMC's worst creation. Which is seriously saying something when their worst ride is still this good.

Austin rides: in the back. 

New Texas Giants overbanked hills totally don't do anything for me. Airhills are where the fun is at, and with the compact placement, there is not much of it at all until the second half, and where it does exist it is over quick.
New Texas Giant's First Drop.
Damn it is good looking but how good would that element be if it was an outward bank instead?

New Texas Giant has been well received by people as being an incredible ride, I'm here to bring that hype train down. I have huge mixed feelings about this ride. The over-use of overbanks is somewhat annoying as they are forceless.  But, I still wanted to ride again and again. It's still good.

A peek through the trees at you guessed it, another overbank.

The double up is the first element and isn't anything to write home about, but what else could they do in the space they were given with some supports already in place? Then you're looking at three overbanks in a row, a boring element that did nothing for me. After the Mid Course Brake Run comes some oddly stretched out airhills and more twists, with a finish that throws you through tunnels that are exciting but slow and poppy.

Six Flags Roller Coaster
A glimpse of the ride and its overbank's and crossovers, as well as an oddly stretched out airhill.

Where Austin ranks this ride: Tied with Switchback at ZDT's and below Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England.

Final brake run thoughts: That ride was slow through the second half, and the first half was missing airtime. The odd design of the ride has to do with the constraints of using supports that were already there. Still, RMC is quickly becoming my favorite coaster designer as they announce better and better rides, even if this one is their worst. A disappointment overall that is not Six Flags Over Texas' best ride.

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