Saturday, August 26, 2017

Just over one week until Dragon Challenge closes.

You have just over a week left to ride Dueling Dragons for the last time.

Dragon Challenge will be closing on September 4th. So get your last rides in quick!

It's been a rumour all year, and now the time has come. 
Dueling Dragons Fire
Fire was my weapon of choice. Photo by Jeremy Thompson

You just have over a week to ride one of the most iconic coasters on Earth. Starting with an idea that was for Disney, Universal took a great idea and made two of the most photographed inverts in the world. Now it all over. My first upside down coaster and probably the best dueling coaster in the world is no more. This will be something hard to watch be dismantled by all enthusiasts.

I'll never forget watching the ice side train come barreling at me before the near miss section. Let's hope for the SFX Coaster replacement and not a powered coaster!

The original entrance, much more iconic than the Harry Potter replacement. Photo from Flickr

I came across a nice history video of Dueling Dragons on Youtube that you can watch below. This ride really started story lines for coasters and did a lot for progressing theme parks and pushing limits!

"How dare you stand where he stood!"