Great America announces a themed version of Fiesta-Texas' Wonder Woman Coaster.



Well, the POV's physics are worse in the animation, but the ride is going to be much better with all that theming. Sad that Fiesta Texas will not get this same treatment.
A Revolutionary Roller Coaster Concept

RailBlazer will lift riders to a height of 106 feet before plunging them face down at a 90-degree angle. Throughout the 1,800 feet of track, riders will travel 52 miles per hour, experience an abundance of airtime and steeply banked turns, undertake three inversions and twist through a zero gravity roll.

“RailBlazer is a revolutionary roller coaster concept that will be an intense and exhilarating ride experience for our guests,” said Raul Rehnborg, vice president and general manager, California’s Great America. “In addition, it marks the company’s initial investment in the park following the City of Santa Clara’s approval this year of the new park master plan, and kicks off a multi-year transformation of California’s Great America into a world-class destination for everyone in the Bay Area and beyond.”

An Immersive, Off-Road Adventure

The design spirit of the ride is reflective of an off-road adventure, with immersive sensory theming that embraces the great outdoors of the Bay Area and Central Coast. Once on board, riders will ascend a 45-degree climb, dive into a ravine and encounter steeped embankments representing an extreme four-wheeling journey. Imposing physical elements during the ride and queue line include a natural waterway, rocky surroundings and a trailhead marquee sign designed to mark the beginning of the journey. The unique design of RailBlazer will include a silent rollback lift hill that eliminates the traditional sounds of the train moving up the track.

Good for Cedar Fair for putting a little theming onto the ride. Interesting both Cedar Fair and Six Flags purchased the same layout, what a Cedar Fair stab in the back to Six Flags for announcing the same ride with a better name and better theme. Wonder Who?

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  1. Great America actually getting a coaster is what is shocking


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