Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Interesting Watch: Disney's Abandoned Discovery Island 2017 - New footage from this year.

New Discovery Island Footage Found on Youtube: The Video We've All Been Waiting For.

Discovery Island Closed in April 8 of 1999.  For almost 2 decades theme park lovers and urban explorers have really regarded the site as the holy grail of urban exploration. The place is overgrown and is totally untouched. Going on the island almost 100% guarantees you to be banned from Disney for life. There's only been 3 confirmed groups to go to the island since it closure in 1999.

I guess I've been living under a rock because a just a couple months ago real footage was released of Urban Exploration on Disney's Discovery Island, check out the video from a new youtuber that I have not heard about below. It is truly incredible and has me speechless throughout. There's also a condensed version of the best bits and pieces with great commentary below.

If you're a fan of urban exploration, Disney is regarded as one of the best places to do it because of the very low vandalism rate that their abandoned areas have. They are truly untouched by humans, year after year. Windows still remain in place, signs still legible, white boards untouched with writing, and no graffiti is seen in the park. I can definitely confirm one thing, Matt Swansa has gotta be banned from Disney by now. Thanks for the footage Matt. Awe-striking.

Check out a condensed version from Bright Sun Films below:

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  1. All those signs are incredible, what I would give to have one.