Rumour: Disney to Retheme Dino-Land into Indiana Jones Land?


Rumour: Disney to Re-theme Dino-Land to Indiana Jones, Including a re-theme of Dinosaur:the ride

Here’s what the rumors currently state: all of DinoLand, USA will be remade into Indiana Jones Land, with half of the attractions getting a theming overhaul and the other half being razed to the ground and replaced by brand-new experiences. Dinosaur, the area’s flagship ride, is expected to be re-skinned as Indiana Jones Adventure, the 1995 attraction from Disneyland – not at all surprising, given that Dinosaur has literally the same exact ride vehicle and track layout as its Californian predecessor. The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site is also currently expected to stay, albeit with the expected makeover into an archaeology-themed dig site.
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Something that we do have a (somewhat) better idea of, however, has to do with what can be classified as an expanded experience as opposed to a traditional themed attraction: as we’ve already reported on four months ago, Star Wars isn’t the only IP that Disney’s currently thinking about engineering into a totally immersive, every-minute-of-every-day vacation package that would include a stay in a specially-designed in-park hotel – our sources have said they had heard Indiana Jones specifically being mentioned as another viable candidate alongside the recently-announced Star Wars hotel. Should an Indy Land truly be going into Animal Kingdom, there’s no reason to believe that Disney wouldn’t import the hotel concept over from Hollywood Studios to here, providing a second around-the-clock “Disney 360” initiative.
I have quite a few mixed feeling about this. While it's great that the ugly Dino-boardwalk area will be gone, one of my favorite dark rides will be most likely be transformed, which is truly too bad.
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This also doesn't quite fit into the Animal Kingdom theme, which clearly shows 5 different animals, the dinosaur will very much be missing in the park now. I'm also assuming the Indian Jones show will change at Hollywood Studios, to not have an odd cross-theme in two separate parks. Maybe they can keep Dinosaur, and get rid of the dino-land fair section and expand back further. 

Overall I'd rather they keep this idea on the back-burner for now. I'm just too big a fan of Dinosaur! Truly one of the best dark rides ever! Plus when re-themes are done, they never feel quite right, the ride was designed to be one way from the beginning.

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