Did the best roller coaster ever just get announced?


Steel Vengeance announced for Cedar Point 2018.

Cedar Point, OH

"They’re back. And they’re back with a VENGEANCE! Once intimidated and disrespected by the musings of Maverick, outcasts Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain, Chess “Wild One” Watkins and Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey have returned to FrontierTown to right the wrongs done to them and their fellow FrontierTown Folk.

The three are bringing with them a roller coaster forged so big and so bold, an entirely new category of thrill ride has been branded: the hyper-hybrid – the world’s first steel-on-wood hybrid roller coaster to stand over 200 feet tall. Mirroring Blackjack’s impressive height, Chess’ unconventional and wild personality and Digger’s blazing speed of the draw, this new machine is now the force to be reckoned with. The law-abidin’ folk of FrontierTown have a new leader – Steel Vengeance.
This Wild West thrill comes action-packed with a height of 205 feet above the prairie, a 90-degree initial drop down to the earth, almost 30 seconds of airtime (the most on any roller coaster on Earth), 4 head-over-boots inversions, ricocheting movements left-to-right, up-to-down and side to side…it’s a roller coaster only Cedar Point could build – and you have the chance to saddle up and take the ride of your life beginning in 2018!"

Holy cow what a day for announcements. What a long ride! And check out the records:

A New World Record Breaker
Coaster Records Broken
1. World's tallest hybrid roller coaster (205 feet tall)
2. World's fastest hybrid roller coaster (74 miles per hour)
3. World's steepest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (90 degrees)
4. World's longest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (200 feet)
5. World's longest hybrid roller coaster (5,740 feet)
6. Most inversions on a hybrid roller coaster (4)
7. Fastest airtime hill on a hybrid roller coaster (73 mph)
8. Most airtime on a hybrid roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
9. Most airtime on any roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
10. World's first "hyper-hybrid" roller coaster -cedarpoint.com

Well of course you have to toot your records if you are a park these days. But these are some great records. Love long coasters, love the airtime, love the way this thing is sounding. 


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