Friday, August 11, 2017

Daemonen Review - Tivoli Gardens

The Demon Review - Tivoli


Tivoli, Denmark

Interesting to see such a compact coaster from B&M, and exciting to see what they can fit into the small space.

Austin rides: in the front. 

Nothing too forceful but this thing takes up way less space than even a Batman clone, and it's totally original.

Tivoli Gardens is one of the most beautiful parks in the world
The entrance is not that easy to find!

Going up the lift hill you get an awesome view of the city and the theme park. The pre drop after the lift is pretty cool. It's a slow section of track but exciting and adds some much-needed length to the ride.

Tivoli Gardens may be the most beautiful park in the world.
What a view!! This park is INCREDIBLE

The loop and turnaround are quite forceful, but the ride itself is not the best in the park. It fits in perfectly to the incredibly small and awesome Tivoli park, but is also short and doesn't do anything special. The setting makes this coaster much better than it is!

Make sure you visit at night as the whole park is lit up incredibly well. 

Tivoli Zero G Roll
A fun zero-g roll. 

Where Austin ranks this ride: Below Xpress at Walibi, tied with Vortex at Kings Island. 

Final brake run thoughts: Great design for the area and fits in perfectly with the park! It could use more airtime as you really only feel it on the drop, but it does well for itself. For the small area, there are of course forceful moments, but nothing to write home about.