Daemonen Review - Tivoli Gardens


Daemonen (Demon)

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
A tiny footprint coaster with some attitude.
Tivoli Demon Review
If you aren't sure where to look, the entrance to this ride can be quite hard to find!

Score: ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➆ ➇ ➈ ➉ 5.46/10

70th Percentile 

Height Requirement: 52" / 134cm
Top Speed: 48mph
Inversions: 3

Where to Sit on Daemonen: Front.

Excitement: 5.0/10 Dæmonen is a ride that fills a small footprint nicely. There's some slow sections because of this, but nothing that is majorly disappointing. The pre-drop is interesting and builds up adrenaline before the main drop, and the ride continues onward with some tight elements that are fun and unusual for this particular coaster manufacturer. B&M usually makes much bigger roller coasters, so this feels unlike any of their other rides! It begins slow and ends slow, but it's 100% fun, and quite a smooth ride as well.
Tivoli Gardens, Amusement Insider Review
Tivoli is beautiful, one of the best parks in the world.
Pacing: 4.2/10 This ride has an odd pace because of the size, it starts out slow, builds speed, and then ends with a few slow turns again. The middle section is fun and has some interesting movements to fill the area and make its way around the surrounding track.

Technicals: 5.2/10 Demon is a smooth coaster that uses its footprint to the fullest. By combining high and low turns with inversions in the middle, it really uses the space as best it can. It's quite amazing they fit such a big track in the small area they did. You might get the feeling they just threw in the turns at the beginning and end to make the ride longer, but it feels right once you are onboard. You'll also find odd little twists throughout the ride so you don't hit other parts of the ride. Most of the time the park runs one train, which is plenty for the daytime crowds.

Theming: 5.5/10 While there's not an abundance of theming, it fills the area just right. The colors, the atmosphere, and the surrounding city are just striking. More scenery isn't needed when a ride is located where this one is. City streets just below to your right, and the beautiful Tivoli to your left. Plenty of interactions with itself, foliage, and the nearby pathway. One of the coolest locations you can find for a coaster.
Tivoli Zero G Roll, Amusement Insider Review
Lots of track in a small area.
Uniqueness: 7.4/10 Location, location, location. This ride has beautiful surroundings that make it extremely unique. Its use of elements in the small space that it covers is innovative and fresh. This one-of-a-kind coaster is fun throughout and one you will want to re-ride over and over. Ride at night for even better views.

Score: ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎  ➆ ➇ ➈ ➉ 5.46/10 

Placement: 70th percentile among all coasters. (Ranked top 30% of coasters worldwide.)

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