Monday, August 28, 2017

Banshee Review - Kings Island

Banshee, the Surprise of Kings Island

Kings Island, Ohio

The get-go:  Whoever said B&M is not forceful has not ridden this.

Austin rides: in the front.

There's not much wrong with this ride. The forces are strong, the terrain is there, the restraints are cool, and the layout is great.
The Banshee- Kings Island Roller Coaster Review
Look how tight that loop is around the lift hill. 

Definitely the surprise of Kings Island, this coaster ranks #1 at the park just ahead of Mystic Timbers. The restraints are awesome and hopefully will be adapted by other rides like Montu in the future.

The ride starts with an awesome first drop, no post-lift pre-drop like usual B&M inverts! It's steep, and goes into a mild dive loop. Then the ride gets a bit insane. The next loop is incredibly tight, and just as you realize what you just went through, your into the zero-g.
A pretty well shaped zero-g!

Then you go down, way down. The terrain difference here isn't noticeable until you realize how much speed you have all the sudden! The pretzel loop may not be as tight as Montu's, but it has crazy forces throughout and overall made me start to black out more than Montu's does, because of how huge it is!
Look at the terrain difference when you go into the second third of the ride!

A nice in-line twist gets you out of another black-out feeling, but the following half helix puts you right back into it before the brakes! The only thing it's missing are those snappy elements that Montu has. This ride is still incredible. 

Where Austin ranks this ride: Tied with Montu. It may have a better layout, but the constant interaction with the ground and tunnels on Montu makes it stand out.

Final brake run thoughts: That.. was possibly the best thing B&M has made.