How Early Do I need to Arrive for Rise of the Resistance? How do I ride? A Guide to the New Star Wars ride.


Rise of the Resistance Guide, How to Ride, How Early to Arrive, How to Schedule a Time.

With Rise of the Resistance now open, there's a lot of confusion on how to actually get to ride the new attraction. Like how early you need to arrive, where to go, and what the procedure is at Hollywood Studios. As of now boarding groups open with the park, and you can then go back to your car or resort hotel after you've entered the park & reserved a number.
Rise of the Resistance, the new attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (c)Disney
With word of mouth spreading quickly, this ride will be visited for months and years to come with long waits and likely the virtual queue in place for a while. We've visited the park a few times now and while procedures change, we will give answers to what we've experienced getting into a "Boarding Group" for the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride.

We figured we'd take any questions you may have regarding the ride and answer the questions we've been getting over social media. Ask below in the comments section and we'll get back to you usually within the day. Follow us on Twitter if you need quicker assistance 

Q: How do I ride "Rise of the Resistance"?

To ride, you must get a "Boarding Group" in the morning of the day you are visiting Hollywood Studios. Once you enter the park, use the official Disney App and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll get a notification when it is your turn to enter the line for the new Rise of the Resistance ride.

When you open the Disney Parks app, the first option will be to access the boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance, press "Find Out More" to be placed into a boarding group.

In the Rise of the Resistance ride screen on the app, you can find which groups are currently boarding and whether there are still boarding groups available. Select "Join Boarding Group" to be placed in a group and given a number. You can select my status to see your boarding group number after you've been placed into one.

Q: How early do I need to be at Disney's Hollywood Studios to ride the new Star Wars ride? When do Boarding Groups run out?

Arrive no later than 90 minutes before posted park opening, we recommend arriving 3 hours early to secure your spot in line! The park may open early to give you something to do while you wait.

Boarding Groups now open with the park, guests enter a bit early to the Main Street of Hollywood Studios, then the app opens groups to all guests at once, luck of the draw.

Q: Do I need the Disney Parks app to ride Rise of the Resistance?

It is best to have the app, yes, but not required. You can see a cast member inside the park with an ipad who will manually place you into a group if you do not have the app, but it is not recommended and may take longer, scan your tickets to get into the park and immediately use the app to get a boarding group. It is right on the homepage so it should be easy to find on the Walt Disney World Parks official app. Make sure you are logged into the app and already have your tickets linked to your account before arriving.

Q: What time does Hollywood Studios open?

Likely before 7am in the first week or two of operation. Expect it to be later as time goes on and the early morning crowds die down.

Hollywood Studios opens at the posted time, you will be let into a holding area on the Main Street of the park.

Q: Does your entire party have to be in the park to reserve a boarding group, or can we be connected on the app and have one member go?

You all need to scan your ticket to enter and be inside the park together to reserve a time together.

Q: What time will my boarding group get to go into Rise of the Resistance?

Disney may change the size of boarding groups or this virtual queue procedure at any time, but so far this is what we have experienced:
-If your boarding group is under 30, you can expect to be on before 12:00 noon.
-Boarding Groups 30-60 can expect to be on between 10:00 and 4:00pm.
-Groups 60-90 can expect to be on around 2:00pm and 8:00pm.
-Boarding Groups 90+ can expect to be on after 5:00pm.

(Updated 12/26/19)This is subject to change based on ride maintenance or any problems that may occur, and the window varies a lot each day. When you enter a boarding group it will give you an estimated time of day of Morning, Afternoon, or Night. We will update these times frequently to keep up with changes.

Many backup boarding groups are called most the time, but not all days

Q: My boarding group was called, is there a wait once you get in line?

Yes, there's a 10-minute to 1-hour wait once you enter the queue for Rise of the Resistance, so plan out an hour and a half to experience the attraction once in the queue. Hit the restroom before entering.

Q: Can I enter the attraction any time after my boarding group is called?

At the moment you have a 2-hour window to enter the ROTR queue before your boarding group number expires.

Aboard the Starcruiser (c)Disney

Q: Can I ride "Rise of the Resistance" twice in the same day?

After you have exited the ride you may enter another boarding group if there are still slots available, but you cannot be placed into another boarding group until you have finished riding, so your boarding group will likely be late at night if you try to ride again.

As of Sunday, December 8, you may no longer ride the ride more than once per day.


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