Is Kings Dominion Getting a Wing Coaster for 2021!? Video


Rumors of a Wing Roller Coaster for 2021 at Kings Dominion Have Surfaced.

With a large empty space at the former Volcano: The Blast Coaster site, we can only hope that a new roller coaster will replace the famed ride. Well coaster fans, it looks like that coaster may be coming in 2021, and it may be a Bolliger and Mabillard wing coaster. Full details of the layout leak can be found at KDFans.

"A small, roughly 100 foot tall, Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster featuring a lift and five inversions taking up residence in Safari Village on the former Volcano site." -KD Fans

Now for the fun part: we've created a mock-up of the new coaster thanks to these plans, check out the POV and off ride below. 

What do you think? A worthy replacement for Volcano? 

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