Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces New Coaster for 2020


Busch Gardens Williamsburg announces "PANTHEON" Triple Launch Coaster for 2020!

The SeaWorld Entertainment-owned theme park in Virginia has big plans for 2020. Today Busch Gardens Williamsburg revealed that they will be opening the ninth coaster at the park for the 2020 season. A custom multi-launch coaster with forward and backward sections. "Escape Pluto's twisted Underworld & be immortalized in the garden of the gods."

72 miles per hour, 90 degree drop. "All of history has never seen a convergence like this, the might of 5 roman gods in one record breaking coaster. Strength, speed, power. Witness the force of the new Pantheon, America's fastest multi-launch coaster!" -Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Pantheon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
The coaster is said to also feature a quick-switch track, which allows for the train to pass by a section of track forwards, then move backward to a different track section in one fluid motion, without stopping. It is built by Intamin, a Swiss manufacturing company, and will be one of the first coasters to use this technology. Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure in Orlando, FL is currently the only other operating coaster to use the same quick-switch track technology.

Check out our POV anticipated layout below. While the layout we've created has minor changes that have been revealed since its release, the general layout is correct. We'll have an updated one with the correct colors and changes soon!

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