Walibi Untamed, Coaster POV Animation (Video)


Walibi Untamed, Roller Coaster Animated POV, NoLimits Video

Today we're releasing our first version of the Walibi Untamed Animation. The POV features the most up-to-date track information and elements from what can be seen in pictures. Some inaccuracies may be present.

The new ride features 5 inversions including a barrel roll just feet from the ground for the finale. The Rocky Mountain Construction IBox track has all of the Netherland's coaster fans excited for this one-of-a-kind crazy roller coaster. The coaster also features one of the strangest elements ever seen on a ride, the signature 270-degree outward banked, double-inverting corner stall. It takes place during the turn after the first drop.

For the highest accuracy, banking facts and other statistics from "The Making of UNTAMED" from Walibi Holland were used, as well as images from Walibi Holland and scottb1986 on instagram. There may still be slight changes as pictures and videos do not show the entirety of the coaster.

"On July 1, 2019 Walibi Holland opens Europe's first hybrid roller coaster: Untamed. In the coming months, Robin Hood will be converted by roller coaster builder RMC into a thrill ride consisting of a combination of wood and steel." -Walibi Netherlands. Walibi Achtbaan Untamed, Nieuwe Achtbaan Walibi, Nieuwe Achtbaan Walibi 2019.

Update: Our latest version!:

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