UNTAMED Update, Offride and POV Rendering, (Video)


UNTAMED Trackwork Completed, Plus POV Animation (Video) 

Untamed at Walibi Holland has finished installing track and the trains have been loaded into the station! There's just a month and a half until the grand opening on July 1.

The RMC-made steel-tracked coaster has Netherland-based enthusiasts extremely excited for this custom-for-Walibi attraction. The USA-based company, Rocky Mountain Construction, has taken the amusement park industry by storm over the past few years. This particular coaster has taken parts of the old Robin Hood structure and put shiny new, twisted, steel track on top. Walibi Holland has quite the lineup of coasters now with Goliath, Lost Gravity, and now UNTAMED! What a collection!
Laurens van Heerde captures a group picture. Check out his comparison image of UNTAMED vs. Robin Hood here. and his Twitter with more images here.
5 Inversions, the most of any hybrid coaster in the world.
A double-inverting, 270-degree corner stall, the first in the world.
A barrel roll just feet from the ground, with no supports below you.

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