Random Coaster of the Week!


Random Roller Coaster.

This week we take a trip back in time to one of the craziest roller coasters ever made. Cyclone at Crystal Beach. Known to be one of, if not THE, most intense roller coasters ever made.

"Three of these coasters (known as the 'Terrifying Triplets' of the Giant Cyclone Safety Coasters) were designed and built. The Crystal Beach 'Cyclone' and the Revere Beach 'Lightning' were both opened in 1927. The following year, the Schneck brothers, owners of Palisades Park in Fort Lee, NJ, contracted Traver to build a 'Cyclone' for the 1928 season. Of the three, the Crystal beach version was the most famous and longest lasting, eventually being dismantled in September 1946 due to the high maintenance costs and falling revenues."

Erma Andrews, a rider of the Cyclone on the insane ride:
"One time, they put me in the seat with this boy who was riding alone, and by the time the ride was over, I was in that boy's lap, holding on to him for dear life with my face in his neck. I don't know how I could have ended up there; they snugged that bar right down tight on your laps because they didn't want anyone to fall out, but the ride was so violent, that I guess we just got mixed in with each other. I was embarrassed and started to leave, but I guess the boy didn't mind any. He was laughing and grinning, and by the time I'd extricated myself from his lap, he'd already given them another ticket, and off we went again!" -Cyclone

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