Is this the name of Hersheypark's newest coaster?


Hersheypark files wordmark for "Candymonium" name.

Seems like the new name has been discovered for Hersheypark's 14th coaster. "Candymonium," the parks tallest and fastest coaster, will open in 2020 as part of a new entrance plaza at the park.
The wordmark filed by Hersheypark, providing rights to the wording of the mark regardless of its style/font. 
Hershey's Chocolatetown, the new entrance-way to the park for 2020, will be home to the largest themed restaurant in Hershey, offering views of the park, craft drinks, and new food options. The park president hopes the restaurant will bring more people to the park during January-March. The contemporary-style entrance will replace the Bavarian buildings that once occupied the area.

A poster found on Reddit where a user points out that the bottom of the white shape here creates the letters "MONIUM," we've added in these letters for you to see this easier.
The coaster is all-but-officially confirmed as being a B&M Hyper coaster. We've taken the liberty of matching the plans to Google Maps and creating a rendering of the new ride for you below.

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