Volcano Demolition Plus Future Teasing Begins


Volcano: The Blast Coaster Demolition Update and the Future.

"Expeditions on the Horizon" signs have popped up over at Kings Dominion, hinting at the next chapter of the park.
"Expeditions on the Horizon"hints at an African/Safari themed ride/area. With teasing starting so early on in the season, we can guess this will be a 2020 addition. But what could it be? An animal-themed coaster? A new dark ride? (Photo by CPFoodBlog
Kings Dominion, like its sister park Kings Island, once had a monorail-safari attraction with real animals, but it's very unlikely the Cedar Fair park will bring back live animals. Will this new attraction somehow pay homage to the once popular attraction?

The Blast Coaster and Volcano structure have also been quickly dismantled, it's quite the sad sight if you grew up with the coaster. Other than the sign above, rumors of a replacement have not been swirling as of yet.
This image from April 26th shows the demolition of the Volcano and coaster track. (Photo from Reddit)

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