Exclusive Look at Tigris! POV On Ride!


Tigris Soft Opens to Guests at Busch Gardens Tampa. On Ride POV Video.

Today Tigris quietly opened to guests to give operators and mechanics a look at how the ride will run with trainloads of guests. Riders are given a pouch for any loose articles to wear during the ride, before entering the main station, making boarding a bit quicker than a ride where you have to step over to the other platform with your loose items to leave in a storage bin.

Once seated, guests clip in a harness over their shoulders, which some people seemed to find awkward or troubling, especially when unhooking it. The loading process and line does take a while for this reason, and I struggle to understand why the "Comfort Collars" are there. You do not notice them too much during the ride, as they're quite loose.

The ride then quickly begins with a triple launch sequence and an incredible vertical rise with a pop of strong airtime. The roll at the top is free-feeling and not having any support structure nearby you during the heartline roll is awesome.

Take a ride on the Tigris POV below and let us know what you think!

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